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We have 7 kinds of packaged Oregon Hazelnuts

Marionberries are grown primarily in Oregon, named after Marion County, Oregon. Home of Ken & June’s Hazelnuts, Melcher Family Farm.

The Melcher family has been in the hazelnut farming business producing an excellent quality nut product for over 50 years. Now the mission, of Ken & June's Hazelnut, Melcher Family Farm, is to continue the tradition in providing a variety of excellent quality nuts.

The Ken & June’s Hazelnuts product line includes seven varieties of packaged hazelnuts: raw kernel hazelnuts, dry roasted hazelnuts, roasted and salted hazelnuts, milk chocolate covered hazelnuts, dark chocolate covered hazelnuts, white chocolate covered hazelnuts, and Marionberry chocolate covered hazelnuts.

Our hazelnuts are also available in three different size gift boxes which include the following varieties: dry roasted, salted, white chocolate coated, and a choice between milk chocolate coated or dark chocolate coated hazelnuts. These gift boxes make a perfect gift for the Holidays or any other special occasion.

Our hazelnut products are freshly grown and packaged in Oregon and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. We look forward to you enjoying our products!

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History of the Hazelnut

hazelnut-historyEver wondered what the difference was between filberts and a hazelnuts? Find out all you need to know about the Oregon Hazelnut's cousin: the filbert.

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Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

Nuts and RaisinsIn addition to their great taste, Oregon grown hazelnuts are cholesterol-free and chock-full of important nutrients. Find out about the health benefits that hazelnuts offer when you include them in your diet and how they can help lower cholesterol and fight heart disease. Start living healthy today!

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Our hazelnut products are grown and packaged in Oregon